Mumbai Terror Attacks

<Had written this piece post the 26/11 terror attacks at Mumbai> 

I am extremely disturbed, flustered and disgusted with the brand of terrorism that was displayed in Mumbai over the past week. This was not a normal terror attack that we have become accustomed to hear about, but it was real warfare. The only question I had on my mind was “Where is Batman when you need him?”. After seeing the ineffective way the government handled the problem, it dawned on me that what we need is a new radical approach from India. What we need is a vigilante approach from Mr. Manmohan Singh & Co, something on the lines of “V for Vendetta”.

We all know that Mumbai is very resilient and will bounce back to normalcy in a few days. But this spate of attacks on the common man has to stop. I wonder how long it will be until the common man cant take it anymore and starts rioting. Angered by the lack of speed with which the government is investigating the act, many people are looking at taking justice in their hands. Looking at the way the Indian government has historically reacted to such situations, one can be sure that the real perpetrators will not be brought to justice. The only people who deserve some credit in this episode are the army and NSG commandos who saved the day for us. Politicians as always, used this incident for vote bank based politics.

Wake up to the truth India! We live in dangerous times, and there are some places conventional Indian law enforcement just won’t go. We need to shine the bright light of righteousness into the dark scum-infested corners of our community. They may have guns and money, but the India can root out terrorism with some gutsy violent tactics.

The pacifists will say that violence can never be satiated with violence. They will preach that violence is not the answer! They will speak to you with clichéd quotes such as “an eye for an eye will only leave the world blind.” The problem is that these terrorists are like a cancer, leave them and they will spread the violence. Pacifism is not a good answer to this type of violence, it only leads to more. Appeasement is a policy that never works, as we have learnt from World War II. We need protection, not pacifism. And we need to hold the specific culprits responsible. We have tried having dialogues & talks a million times. Now its time for some extreme measures from India.

What is Vigilante Justice?

Wikipedia defines a vigilante as a person or a group who ignores due process of law and enacts their own form of justice in response to a perception of insufficient response by the authorities. Several groups and individuals have been labeled as vigilantes by various historians and media. Vigilantes have been central to several creative fictional works and are often depicted as being heroes and retaliatory against wrongdoers. Vigilantism is generally frowned upon by governments (who would otherwise encourage vigilance on the part of citizens), especially when it gives way to criminal behavior on the part of the vigilante. Often seen in rapidly growing towns, citizens sometimes choose vigilantism, capturing suspected criminals and punishing them without a trial.

The fact of the matter is that criminal punishment is insufficient for the evil criminals responsible for the chaos  and mayhem in Mumbai. Since the red-tapism makes it hard to enforce the law, India needs to fulfill the like-minded wishes of the common man through aggressive and radical means.  Public officials, newscasters, and those in law enforcement seriously tell us "there is no room in this country for vigilante justice." Instead, we must wait for the "justice system" to work, and if it doesn’t, well, that is simply a price we pay for having a free society.

Those who wronged us in Mumbai have to be relentlessly decimated by aggressive warfare. India can’t afford to react meekly now. We don’t have time for the paperwork and scheduling hassles of Cabinet meetings. We can’t afford to have bi-lateral talks and legislate policies or setup a new Act in Parliament. We don’t have time to coordinate the ISI chief’s visit to India. It’s high time that India sends out a strong message to the terrorists.

Perhaps the most important motivation for this radical approach should be revenge. The old saying goes that revenge, is a dish best served cold. Its high time India stops acting as a sitting duck and takes the winds out of these terrorists and their masters. Maybe if a few important politicians or film stars had been taken as hostages, then the government would have reacted faster. The best tribute we can give to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Gajendra Singh & ATS chief Hemant Karkare is bringing the masters of these terrorists to justice. Enough is enough. India can’t afford to have more blood of innocents being spilt. Lets see if Mr. Manmohan Singh has the spine to take some tough decisions.