Why clients should attend standups!

As a client, you might be periodically visiting your offshore development center in order to check on project progress and discuss updates with your vendor. Your days might be packed with back to back meetings with the management team of your vendors and other relevant stakeholders of the project. Do ensure that you spend some time attending the daily standup meetings of your Agile team. There are multiple benefits if you do this. Here are the top 3 benefits of attending the daily standup of your offshore team.

1. A quick summary 

As a C level executive, your hectic schedule may not permit you to attend a traditional 3 hour project update meetings which go into the minutest details of the work being done. In such a scenario, a 15 minute "standup" meeting would give you a bird's view of the various tasks that are going into making the project a success. You will be able to understand the details of how a day looks like for your team of developers, analysts and project managers. You will also get to empathize with the challenges that your team maybe currently facing. 

2. Get insights into team dynamics

Attending the team standup will give you a chance to get a feel of how the team members interact with each other. Face to face communication beats other communication alternatives such as Skype and video conferencing. You would be able to observe the body language of the team members and get to understand if the team is working as a cohesive unit to achieve the project goals that you have specified. You will also be able to pick up the tone of the standup and pickup signals on how the team is faring. Attending the standup also helps you to build relationships with the team members and you get to know them a little more personally.    

3. Give instant feedback to the Agile team

Once you are a part of the standup with the development team, this gives you an excellent opportunity to address the team from your point of view. You will be able to go through the user stories discussed in that particular standup and explain to the development team, what it looks like from the client side of things. This helps the Agile team to understand things from a client's point of view and they will be able to place themselves in your shoes all the more. This also gives the team confidence that the client has trust in their capabilities.

So there you have it! Next time, you visit your offshore development center, ensure that you put in a specific request to attend the team's standup meeting. It would be pleasant surprise for the development team and will give you lots of insights that you otherwise might not have access to. All the best!