10 reasons why SAP Hana is brilliant!

SAP has invested a lot of it's energies into a database called Hana. A major chunk of the SAP workforce is said to be working on Hana related projects. After having interacted with the SAP Hana team in a facilitated workshop, I was able to appreciate what SAP Hana got to the table. Some important points to consider ...   

* Hana is all about in memory computing which means that you get immediate real time results. This is because the data resides in the RAM. This feature is a great benefit for those who want super fast results.

* Hana has many advantages such as mass data, agility, total cost of ownership, any data type processing etc.

* Hana empowers the business user as opposed to the developer. Now the CEO will be seeing more value and won't need the CTO to convince him about technology decisions.

* Apparently the Hana database speed is approx 3600 times faster compared to traditional databases. In other words, it can compute 50 terabytes of data in 0.04 seconds!!!

* What SAP has essentially done is put the entire ERP into Hana. This is revolutionary to say the least.

* Hana has a multi core massively parallel platform and also integrates with databases like Hadoop.

* Hana is available on the cloud and also has a mobility platform. So SAP retains the advantage of working on bleeding edge technology! 

* Hana helps a lot in predictive analysis and also has an analytical library which has more than 4,000 native algorithms. Surely sounds like fun for those with the scientific bent of mind.

* iPad apps that are built on the HTML5 platform can connect directly to Hana. This is an example of how Hana encourages talking with different technologies.

* Hana is available as a physical box. Hence this makes you feel secure that you have all your data under your control.