Blood Empires – Movie Review

Directed By: Peter Rajesh Joachim

Written By: Stevie Jay and Peter Rajesh Joachim

Staring: Kassandra Santos, Stevie Jay, Amanda Barker

My friend from college, Peter Rajesh Joachim recently showed me his first feature film and I was really excited to watch the film with the director sitting right beside me. What an amazing feeling to pause a scene from the movie and ask the director any queries that came to mind, and get an instant answer!

“Blood Empires” is a crime drama that keeps you on the edge, and until the last frame you are left wondering how the story is going to end. Peter has ensured that the suspense is maintained till the climax in this saga of cops, gangsters and their families.

What amazed me about the movie is that it was shot is just 12 days! Quite a mean task if you ask me, for a first time filmmaker! The production quality was top notch. The sound was excellent and lighting for the indoor shots was very well done.

The initial scene of a slow motion death was very well shot and had a Sin City like feel to it. The story of the protagonist who turns out to be a hit man is a compelling watch. The movie takes us through the circumstances and mindset of a criminal and why he makes decisions in a certain way. Also the thread of how he deals with family issues is something that’s portrayed well by Peter. The parallel story in play is that of a female police officer, who has different challenges of her own. How the lives of both these characters converge is what the story is about.

The movie showcases the humaneness behind each of the characters. The characters have shades of gray and their actions are motivated by their needs, which may or may not be morally right.  

The movie has a strong cast and special marks to Stevie Jay and Kassandra Santos for a professional performance as the leads. The supporting cast too did a good job. Peter Rajesh Joachim has shown incredible maturity for a first time indie movie director and is surely a director to watch out for. If you’d like to check out an offbeat and non-clichéd indie film, Blood Empires would be worth a watch!