Pre-Sales Checklist @ Conferences

As a marketer you often get to attend conferences and various business related events. Conferences and events are the perfect avenue for making new connections and getting introduced to potential prospects. The biggest constraint at any conference is that you probably would get just 5-10 minutes to speak with the prospects. 

So what can you do in the 5-10 minutes to gather ample data to help your pre sales team to setup a follow up call with the prospect? The feedback from pre-sales teams have always been to gather a minimum set of data points so that they understand where this prospect really comes from. The first 5 items of the checklist can be easily obtained once you get the business card of the prospect. Hence, make a conscious note to ask the remaining 10 questions during the course of your conversation. Of course, you might not be able to capture all that is needed, but the list below is fairly indicative of what your pre-sales team would like to know.

Getting to know the prospect

  • Client name:
  • Brief background about the organization: 
  • Website:
  • Phone: 
  • Email id:

Probing Questions

  • Understand the current business landscape and business competitors. Based on their answers, talk about how you have solved similar challenges in that domain. 
  • Business need or pain areas: The best way to do identify this would be by asking some intriguing questions about their domain. 
  • Current tech setup  
  • What has been their previous experiences in outsourcing this kind of work to vendors?

The Finer Details (will be hard to get these, but worth a try)

  • Decision makers:
  • Decision making process:
  • Timeframe or deadlines:
  • Preference of technology:
  • Budget and funding available:
  • How much support does this project have at the executive level?

If you are able to capture the above mentioned details in a crisp manner, this will provide ample fodder for your pre sales team to get thinking on the prospect at hand and about which angle to approach him. The next call with the prospect will be much more focused and customer centric since your inputs would help your team to prepare accordingly.